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Dennis Vogel:
May God help you thru these difficult times Dave


Sending prayers for you and your family
God bless


Dave in Tenn:
Thanks, all.  Mom passed about a half hour ago.  They are getting her somewhat dressed and I wanted to share.

One of her home health care people was with us and passed me a thoughtful note.  I Cor. 15:53 came back in my mind and I passed a note back with the reference.  She found it on her phone's bible app and looked it up.  I drew in the air and mouthed the word "must" and whispered "it has to happen".

At that moment, Mom took her last breath and soon after was gone.  I'm thankful to God for doing His will, and joyful that His plans and intentions are always for good.

I'm kinda sure nobody here knows that I actually do think, meditate, and pray.  But I do... when I do.

My deepest condolences to you and your family Dave. 


I'm so sorry, Dave.


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