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Visual Time Line of a person's life and resurrection



I am a new member to the forum, but I've been a reader of the site for 10+ years and it has brought me much peace. However, I'm more of a visual learner compared to reading and fully comprehending what I just read.

So my question is, does anyone know of or have a picture with a Visual Timeline that steps through what happens to a person from birth, death (sleep), judgement etc. to eventual salvation and eternitity in heaven? I realize that this would be highly simplified of what really happens, but it would really help me fully understand.



hi Brad,
Interesting question and even more interesting investigation.
There is so much to consider that it is very difficult to make it simple and use scripture to back it up.
Let's try to oversimplify.
In the beginning almighty Father God was alone and desired fellowship.
So Father God or the original creative source, power, force decided to make a hundred billion individuals with whom to share the creation, one person at a time. Then let them experience a finite time of building and using their creative powers and communicating with other similar beings until they had enough time to make enough mistakes to understand how it feels to be incomplete. Then God gave them each a time out to rest until all the other beings had their chance at life.
When all the beings that are planned have had their opportunity, God will step in and explain the great purpose for all of this adventure and wipe away all the accumulated tears of pain and remorse and give to each person a heart of love and appreciation and the real purpose will begin in earnest with each of us having life undying and knowing the full plan of God up to that time.
Of course God will not reveal any more than needed, because God dearly loves to surprise us with gifts and blessings and that will not change. We will always be the recipients of new gifts and new adventures, since God never lacks new ideas.
Just a small start I realize, but others can add their observations and references from scripture.
indiana Bob

Dave in Tenn:
Nice to meet you, Brad.  I'm not great with graphics, but I wanted to take on your challenge.  I attempted to answer your question the way I understand it to have been asked.  If you are looking for more specific information, all I can do is remind you that "Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor has it entered into the imagination of man what glories await."

The picture link is set to expire in 31 days.

This is a question (or rather questions) I have had going through my brain for years.  I have read many attempts to try and break it all down here but much of it I find isn't well articulated or i find confusing.


If Christ comes while I am alive:

What happens to me?  Will I continue to live?  If so, what happens to me?  Will I die?  If I die during Christ's time here, what happens?  I am resurrected again but when?  Why not just complete my transformation while I am still alive? When I am resurrected, what happens?

If Christ comes while I am dead:

Then I will be resurrected - but into what kind of world?  What happens to me?  If life becomes unbearable during judgment, will I be able to take my own life? So i get to die again and again. If not, why not?

Christ's arrival:

He is spirit - so that means we do not see anything right?  Or we do see something?  That means he arrives in a physical sense?

The 1,000 years:

Don't even get me started. I don't understand, although I am guessing it is a spritual rather than a literal meaning. 

Friend Zander,

There are many opinions and incomplete ideas in the theological earthly realm and I am not able to improve upon them to any great extent, but I will share some ideas that have helped me to be at peace with what God is doing on the earth during this present evil age.
Some of these comments you already know,  but they bear repeating.
1. The English word "god" is translated from several Greek or Hebrew words and must be examined in context before assuming we understand the true meaning in scripture.
2. The character and plans of "almighty GOD" can be understood to some degree by the stories related to us in the old testament without referencing a particular scripture.
For example GOD desires companionship with members of His creation.
GOD wants to share His creative powers with His creatures.
GOD wants to bless us even when we are not appreciating His gifts.
GOD is not vindictive and does not correct us without valid reason and for our own good.
All GOD's direct actions and actions through others are part of GOD's original plan and NOT a reaction to some event that happened in our present world.
GOD foretells the events of the future with prophesy, not because GOD can see into the future, but rather because GOD controls the future moment by moment. What GOD's servants prophesy, GOD causes to happen.
There is much more about GOD's character we can glean from reading stories of GOD's treatment of HIS own chosen people, Israel.


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