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Yellowknife in the NWT is being evacuated.
A town of 20,000 people. We lived there for
30 years. Everyone is advised to get out now.
My son and his wife wonít get on the evacuation
plane without their three cats so our daughter in law
borrowing her cousins car and they are driving
out in the morning. Their is only one road
out. Neither one has their licence but she can drive a little.
It will be harrowing for them. I pray for Godís will as always and I ask
you to please keep them in prayer.
I want to take this opportunity to
Ask that we pray to Our God that we love Him and that we love
each other and to give us strength to continue our journey as we
witness the suffering thatís in the world .
May God be with you all Come Lord Jesus.
In Christ, Pamela

Hi Pamela. That is so frightening.  I will remember them in my prayers. 


I'll be praying for you and your family God be with you all.
God bless

Dennis Vogel:
Came across this - "Evacuation ordered as fires rage in northwest Canada"  https://youtu.be/9ycQyrp-wTc

This is all very scary Pamela. I pray God protects you and your family.

Thank you for your prayers. our Son and wife decided not to drive out
instead was told they could take their pets on one of the evacuation flights.
They stood in line with hundreds of others for six and half hours only to be turned
away because the planes were at full capacity. Last night two more planes
Came but by then my son managed to book a regular commercial flight
For today at 11 am. I pray it all goes well.
They are making already stressed people line up to register, while announcing to get out
ASAP and the fire is 16 kilometres outside of town. The people who drove out donít have
to register until they get to Alberta. This does not make sense. They are telling people to flee
while hindering their fleeing. However it gives me great comfort to know that itís God thatís
in control of everything . Gods will be done.


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