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Hi to my new founded brothers and sisters

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Hi to you all.
I am so glad that I have founded brothers and sisters that I can have fellowship with and also can share with the things that concerns me.
I am so glad that I came accross the message of tithing and how Ray have been used by our Lord to teach us the truth of tithing. Here in South Africa the majority of churches teaches us to tithe and I must say now that I understand more about tithing.
Guys and girls I am involved in the ministry and it have not been easy.
God bless

Welcome Stevie!   ;D

Hi Stevie,

God be with you on your journey....and welcome!

Your new brother,

hello stevie. welcome. Wasn't it wonderful to find out that tithing was under the law!  Being cheerful givers is a much better way!

Welcome aboard Stievie  Hope you enjoy all of the fellowship and sharing.

It truley is a small world. I pray that the Lord opens our eyes to His truth and gives understanding of His Word.



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