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I don't know if it's correct, hence me putting it out there. I guess I'm just looking for assurance and a better way to look at Mat 24:21,22.

Rev.7:9……a great multitude that no one could number…….
Rev.7:9…….clothed in white robes….. ( white symbol for righteousness)
Vs.13 ……. Then one of the elders addressed me saying,” Who are these
clothed in white robes and from where have they come?

Vs.14….. I said to him,” Sir , you know. And he said to me.”
“ These are the ones COMING OUT of ( the) great tribulation.
They have washed their robes and made them white in the blood of the

There is not THE  great tribulation. But tribulation/ affliction on God’s Elect .

Rev.19:14…. and the armies of heaven(s) arrayed in fine linen , white and pure
were following Him on white horses.

I understand this scripture to be talking about Jesus return with His army,
( raised incorruptible, ) and
His saints, who are removed from the earth , whether they are alive or asleep
in the grave) to meet the Lord in the air and begin their reign with Christ.

Dan.12:1 At that Time shall arise Michael, the Great Prince who has charge of
your people. And there shall be a time of trouble such as never has been since
there was a nation till that time. BUT AT THAT TIME, your people shall be delivered,
everyone whose name shall be found written in the book.

The book of the life of the Lamb , is how I heard Ray teach it.

See Jer. 30:7, Mark 13:19, Matt 24: 21, Rev. 16:18, awesome scripture this one.

I hope this helps. May God Bless you all in this present evil time.
Hang in there , endure to the end.

The Gospel of the Kingdom. Ray explains mush of this right towards the end .

Thanks, Pamela, that helps a lot. I've read all of Ray's papers that deal with the word tribulation, and so I strongly agree that the Elect are appointed to tribulation. I suppose the addition of the word “great” before the word “tribulation” is throwing me off. More than that, I'm having a hard time believing that what the world is experiencing now is the same spiritual tribulation that the Elect is experiencing now are the same thing.

Porter, I too understand our tribulation to be mainly or mostly spiritual in nature (not to put words in your mouth). I am not negating the physical aspect to tribulation that it seems many many scriptures imply, but more and more I am unsure how the “tribulation” will unfold for the elect and the world.

I used to always think like most there would be huge cataclysmic events. While I can’t totally rule that out, the more I think and study, and how remembering how. Ray really emphasized how Christ’s words are Spiritual, especially Revelation, I am tending to think it is spiritual battle/events scripture is talking about. Now don’t paint me as a heretic 😀😀 just yet!

Nah your fine Dynamo, that doesn't make you a heretic. I, too, understand that the physical has an effect on the spiritual condition of the Elect. Nor am I denying the possibility of a literal earth ending event. I just hate it when the Church uses the things happening in the world to try to scare everyone.


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