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Noah’s ark

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Brief explanation of the flood.

There presently are great volumes of underground water that we can drill for and use.
In the past there apparently was a lot more of it and keeping it underground originally protected from evaporation.
In the past the mountain ranges were much smaller and lower and rose up due to movement of the continental land plates
causing sharply inclined strata which is evident to the casual viewer in parks in every continent around the earth.
Pictures are available on YouTube.

So according to scripture the rain was caused to fall continuously for 40 days AND stored ground water or the fountains of the great deep shot up in
a manner similar to a volcanic eruption..
Why does that seem unlikely? Is anything too hard for God?

If the several mountain ranges are very high now due to earthquakes we may logically suppose that the earth was relatively
flat before Moses' time. Remember there had been no rain prior to that time.
So perhaps covering all the earth's mountains would only require enough water to rise to 5000 feet.
There is presently in our oceans enough water to cover the whole earth at a depth of 1 and 1 half miles if the earth were flattened.

On an aside I believe that the mountain ranges will be brought back down and the sea floor will be brought back up when our Lord returns and we will have much more arable land for growing crops and grazing cattle and building cities.

Please do not let the impossibility of events described in scripture lead you to doubt God's power.
These things we call miracles are child's play for God.

Dennis Vogel:
There are two very good videos on Noah's flood:  https://youtu.be/3myuXca7hkc  and  https://youtu.be/Fie4lGQ_9kU

Bob, I remember this coming up some while back and I asked you to watch the second link. Did you ever watch it? Because you say things that cannot be backed up with science or scripture.

Noah's flood was a local flood and Ray proves it in both videos.

Will watch both and comment privately.
Thanks, Bob

Thank you all for  your replies

God bless


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