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My three year old granddaughter is suffering from bronchitis and an ear infection and maybe the wrong antibiotic because she is still running a fever.  It was 104 degrees the other day. Anyway, Iíd appreciate your prayers - Itís really does weigh on my heart when they are sick - and itís scary when that temp goes up like that. 
Thank you family.

Hello Octoberose,
Yes, I understand,it is so difficult when our children suffer.
I have prayed for your little one. May God give you comfort.

In Christ, Pamela


Sorry to hear about your granddaughter I pray God heals her and is with you all during this it hard when our kids n grandkids are sick
Seems to be a lot of sickness going around my grandchildren had the flue with high fevers last week
But there fine now praise God
Definitely these are hard days I pray Jesus please come soon 😇

God bless

Hi Octoberose and Wendy,

We all are ready for our Lord to return and relieve us of the burdens we endure in this age of evil.
In my own dealing with the challenges of this life on earth, I have often comforted myself by remembering
that God may have millions more on the list to be saved before He brings this age to a welcome end and
begins the new age of truth with peace with love for all.
Through it all we have the promise that our rewards and real joy in the new life with Christ will be so amazing as to cause us
to regard the hardships of this life as long forgotten & insignificant in comparison.
 :)   ;D

  We are praying for you and your
  granddaughter Octoberose.



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