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Babies in 2nd resurrection.


The word of God tells us that when God's judgements are in the earth the inhabitants of the world will learn righteousness.  Isaiah 26;9.
My question though is what happens to babies that have died? Will they still need to be taught righteousness when they are resurrected,  even though they have not known unrighteous?
My second question is does God choose some babies to be part of the ecclesia, or does He just not choose babies at all?
Forgive me if these are silly questions but I am curious to know.

Hello Ken, thank you for your question.

Go to the search engine at the top and type in infants.
It will bring you to General Discussion. #11 is a post from
Re. Babies in the resurrection.

Kat gives him the answer according to Rays teaching.
Iím sorry I am not savvy enough to just give you the link
but maybe one of the moderators can.

In Christ, Pamela

Dennis Vogel:

Thank you kindly Dennis.

Love in Christ
Pamela 💕

Thank you. That was most helpful.


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