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Our spiritual brother Joel died in February. I found his Obituary this morning.  I love this statement in his Obituary that describes him:

"He will be remembered as a quiet, gentle, family man."

Here is a link to his Obituary: 


Gen. 49:18. I wait for your salvation , O Lord.

We will meet again.

In Christ, Pamela

Thankyou Rene.

Thank you for caring and sharing,
We all are family.
Indiana bob

Dave in Tenn:
God bless his memory and multiply his works.  As someone who can't be described as a quiet, gentle family man, I admired Joel to the point of envy.  This mortal must put on immortality.

Dennis Vogel:
Yes, Joel was a kind and gentle man and we are grateful for the time where he helped us all.


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