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Hello all.. again

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Hello everyone

It's Matty or Daddysgirl if you will.

First met many of you(yes, the lurking in ones as well since I was one of them all along) back when I was 26yrs old. Now I'm 41, 3 babies in(grown & a headache), a husband, dog, the works..

So glad to be back. Faced many highs and lows, more lows and tribulation in truth, times so difficult that everything including faith took hard knocks more than a few times. I had continued to read printed material from the main site, scripture too; yet couldn't understand what I was reading. Yup, same material which had me jumping for joy 16yrs ago & some. It was hell. But I've finally come up for air, hopefully for good.
Either way I'm grateful for much desired fellowship with you saints.

Grace & favour to you,


Hi welcome to the forum . Lots to learn here and good people to help you when you donít understand something
  God Bless

Welcome back to the forum Matty and thank you for taking the time to introduce yourself.   :)


Thank you Wendy and Rene. Feels really good to be among you all once again.

Welcome Matty, nice to meet you.



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