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This video has gotten 1,000,056 views since it was published

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Dennis Vogel:
About 4 years ago I posted this 30 second Bible Truths ad on YouTube and it just passed one million views: https://youtu.be/BQ6bYJjWnvo

The ad can be skipped after 5 seconds, however 40% watch all of it. But 99.9% ignore the ad and move on.

For those that contribute to our YouTube advertising I wanted you to see how your money is spent.

The vitriol from the comment section of that video is heartbreaking. Thanks for posting the video's and keep it up!

God draws whom he will when he will.  For the vast majority this goes over their head, for the few that are drawn it is a hook in their mouth as it was many years ago now with Rayís paper on tithing for me of all things.  You never know what God will use.   Iím on a few different discussion forums and I use a provocative links to chapter #1 on the lake of fire series.  After all these years Iíve had about five or six people thank me or ask questions out of the tens of thousands who have seen it but that is o.k.

Godís will be done in each life in his timing.  Itís all good!

Dave in Tenn:
The comment section is like Acts 17. 

Dennis Vogel:
Two or three times a year someone at Google sees our ad and does not like what we say and makes up a reason to remove it. Happened again this morning and I have to contact people to get the ad up and running again.

This time they said the ad was taken down because it contained 'gambling' of all things!


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