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Good day all.

Just a quick one, would be offensive if I out of curiosity asked what kind of man Ray was? I have valid reasons including scriptural ones for this question. Yes, we are to imitate Christ in all ways.
A bit forward maybe, but how was our teacher like? Especially since he often referred to you as his helpmate for character building.😉

"Take the higher road..etc"

Been pondering on this for a while. Nothing sinister

Iím not Dennis but in watching all his videos and listening to his audio recordings testified to his genuineness and sincerity.  I didnít agree with everything he taught and still donít on a few minor things but they are indeed minor.  Iím in my 60ís and of all the pastors and teachers I have paid attention to over the years there was none finer.  Iím sure those that spent personal time with him could attest to not only his qualities but his faults also but we all have them.

Thank you for your response Arion.
I have no interest in an idol, human, copper made or of the heart. Only ever spoke about Ray here and outside this forum I'd just refer people to his writings sometimes, without even mentioning his name, I'd seen too much human idol worship in Christendom that I cringed when some would go read come back and say 'this guy of yours' afterwards. He was not my guy. Just someone I found near perfect in his teachings, changed my life as I already had too many doubts about much of Christian doctrine. Would refer instead of attempt to teach cos I'm not much of a teacher of anything so felt I'd do his writings injustice if I even attempted to. Paul refers a lot to the earlier churches imitating his conduct in his letters, so I wanted to know him a little better outside of his teachings and personal life which should be just that, private.

Thank you again.

Used to dream(and I'm a dreamer-doer) of one day making one of the conferences, yes, all the way from South Africa. Thank goodness most of them were posted, transcribed and later youtubed.

I have always said as much as I respect Ray he really taught me nothing.  What Ray was, was the conduit that God used to teach me truth in his time.  I first came across Ray's tithing paper and as much as I wanted to I couldn't argue against what he said and I really tried.  Then wanting to read another paper I started on the Lake of Fire series and in part #1 when Ray said there wasn't a 'hell', I thought him to be a heretic and quit coming to the site figuring that even a blind squirrel finds a nut now and then.

Several months later I 'accidentally' stumbled across the website again and started reading the LOF series and the scales started to fall off.  First time I thought him to be a false teacher and second time God started to reveal his truth to my spirit.  The difference was that it was God's time for me to start understanding some of these truths and truly their are few teachers and websites indeed that do teach the full gospel of salvation for all of God's creatures in their own order.

Even today God brings whom he will to the forum and the website and maybe only 1 out of 100 glean something that sticks with them but it is enough.  Although I never met Ray I do consider him a spiritual father in the flesh but I wouldn't ever have said that he was my teacher or pastor.  He was the willing vessel and God did the teaching through him and even though Ray has long since passed yet he is still teaching today those that God is working with in this age.

Dennis Vogel:
What you see on the videos is pretty much what Ray was like. He had an IQ of 162 and could soak-up all this information. We were best friends.

Here is a short 14 second video of Ray at home (unlisted YouTube) https://youtu.be/yKyZkuZlvxs


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