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I never met Ray. In fact I was not brought to Bible Truths and Ray’s writings and videos until 7 years after his death. But I have come to know Ray over the last 5 years, just as if I was there with him at his Bible studies and conferences.

 Ray was loving…you can see that in watching the videos. Ray was also brave. The kind of bravery that allowed Ray to in essence take on the “churchianity” and bogus “ministers” of God in the world. You don’t think that took bravery? He was brave because he KNEW that the Almighty was leading him into understanding and truth! I no longer wonder if the teachings on Bible Truths are true…I also KNOW that they are. What a mighty work God did through Ray in what is in reality a very short ministry.

I came out of over 30 years around or in the Worldwide Church of God…with their apostles and evangelists, and I thought all the teachings were true. When I witnessed the excesses of apostle and ministerial lavish spending I told myself that Jesus Christ is in charge of His Church and He will deal with all in His on way and time. I like others suffered under the three tithes and kept all of the holy days and sabbaths, but never ever felt I could meet the stringent law-keeping in spirit that was required, so I was usually internally miserable because I knew that God knew my inner thoughts, whereas men looked at the outward law keeping and thought of me as a good Christian. So I eventually left (my first love?)

Ray never said he was an apostle, or an evangelist, or to my knowledge ever said he was a minister! He was a teacher. God slowly led me to see all of the erroneous beliefs that I still held to even after leaving WWCG 20 years before (looking behind me at the voice?). Believe me, I am still somewhat in awe of the depth of understanding that God has presented to the world through Ray!

Ray was also humble. To me that is evident in watching the videos and reading the writings. Again, looking at the tremendous breadth of the understanding and truths that have been revealed through Ray could cause one to really be vain.  I know that WWCG ministers (Herbert W. Armstrong) reaked of vanity for what he (and the church) thought were truths from God. Ray’s humility was evident for all to see, if they wanted to.

Of course I, like many, wish Ray had spoken more on a variety of subjects…but evidently he finished the works that Christ had for him to finish or he would not have died. So, Christ through Ray and Bible Truths left a work that I never get tired of reviewing and reading and watching. Still learning from all of the material years after it was written. Truth is timeless (which word Ray would say is an oxymoron and the better word is eternal).

I have no problem at all saying I have learned reams from Ray…knowing all the time that it is Christ using that vessel to teach me what I need to know, but more importantly what I need to do.

So DaddysGirl, I hope this helps you a little bit understand what Ray was like…even though I never met him 😀😀.

Thanks so much Arion, Dynamite and Dennis.
I share in the sacred nature of your relationship with Ray seeing as we were only but a virtual fold of his, I read somewhere that he was very protective of us, his own words.
Dennis of course sharing more would be years of a long-term m bond of friendship broken, so I appreciate your warm response, it will suffice.

Testimonials from some of our elders here, women, youngfolf, anyone really is what my spirit feeds of.

Just hoped to have a blueprint of godly living in today's society from my teacher.

Thank you


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