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Uplifting story


Itís a beautiful sunny morning here in the valley.
I pray you are all receiving wisdom and endurance
from our Lord so that we may continue this journey
In the unity of the Spirit. Praise God .

I want to share with you a story that pertains to what I posted
In the beast post about how God operates.
It happened just this weekend.
I was talking to my sister in Newfoundland, she is head coach
of the special Olympic athletics and her daughter Erica who is
forty now is one of the athletes. She has a learning disability.

So this Saturday night was their awards ceremony and one of the other coaches
got on stage to speak. She told of one of the athletes who a few years back
was in snowshoeing and was very good at it. She said that athlete was racing
with three other athletes and had come in way ahead of the rest.
But as that athlete put one snowshoe over the finish line, stopped dead in her
tracks and kept one foot over and one foot behind. Everyone began yelling at
her to put the other foot over the line thinking she didnít know what she was doing.
She wouldnít budge from that that position. She looked toward her mother and
said ď mom, Iím not crossing without my friends ďand began to wave them
and encourage them and waited for them to cross. As soon as they crossed,she
put her back foot over the finish line .She was willing to take fourth place instead
of first because she loved her friends more than herself.
The coach said that athlete  is Erica Bullen, and everyone in the room jumped up
and clapped for her . My sister said everyone were crying . What a beautiful selfless
act of humility God showed through this wonderful young woman . And she has never boasted about it.

I explained to my sister that was what Jesus meant in the Spiritual about
laying down your life for your friends. What an amazing and inspiring God we have.
This Scripture comes to mind.

For it is God that works in you , both to  will and to do of His good pleasure. ( Phil.2:13)

I will use this story now to tell my son and daughter about their cousin Erica and
share this act of Love ,kindness, compassion and selflessness and humility hoping that it may
soften their stony hearts. 💕

May God Bless You All and pray that we all cross the finish line as one.

This is a beautiful story.  Thanks for sharing.

Erica may have a "learning disability" but she is clearly more "advanced" than most people when it comes to kindness, compassion and selflessness.   :)

God has a purpose for everyone.
Thanks Pamela for the loving story.

That's a beautiful story.  Thank you for sharing!

Thank you, very uplifting indeed.


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