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Dennis Vogel:
This is the first part of Saturdays meeting: http://bible-truths.com/audio/Sept2_1.wma

We missed using the good recorder but someone else was using a cassette recorder and this is their recording. The next part is in Hi-Fi and sounds better, but at least we got it.



These are very large files and will not work well with dial-up. Craig: I was told you can RIP these down to a smaller size. If not please let me know.


There is so much meat here in these audios, I can't wait until the comments and posts start presenting themselves.

Bobby I have requested the same thing!

Was rold they would try to take some of the empty spaces out of the recordings...however that probably (given the size of the first recording 16MB...that would take me about 10 hours to download!) would not be enough.

Folks, if you are going to make a CD for Bobby can't you make it available to ALL diaup users and anyone else who wants one? Like I said I'll pay shipping.


Hello Everyone

I was not able to come to the Mobil Conference and am so grateful to God that although I could not be there physically, I have been blessed to have been there in spirit made possible through your making the audio available to me.

What has really struck me hard is that of the 60 000 hits per month on Ray's web and only 32 people showing up at the Mobile meetings....this makes for me the tangiblilty of the darkness in the world even worse than I imagined and sets it for me to the level of Sodom and Gomorrha or  "as in the days of Noah...."

These recordings and teachings hold out a hand of peace and light that I really need and  have held a life line out for my faith, hope and trust in the Lord because they make Christ real, present and undiminished by the darkness in the world. I love that and it really feeds my heart.....for which I thank God!

I also feel corrected in my thinking that I have hoped for and expected a global responce and embrace of these teachings!.....how foolish...I have been shown that I have not read the times correctly but now I've got it!

I thank God for you all and your obedience to Christ!...may He bless and reward you all with peace and continued grace, mercy and unmeritted favor.

Arcturus :)


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