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Fellowship is a blessing

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Great scriptures quoted, ertsky.  Thanks for the post.  So true, so true.

rvhill, I have a stepson who was born deaf and at the age of 9 developed kidney disease and became a kidney transplant recipient.  He is now 29 years old and his whole life has been in and out of the hospital and has suffered more than I could ever know.  Yet, through all of this he is the most positive young man I have ever known, with a great sense of humor.  Never once have I ever heard him complain about his circumstances.  Tougher than nails, but always bringing the best out in people and making us laugh.  I know that God has blessed him in ways that are past my understanding.  Suffering in whatever manner definetly serves a higher purpose for our God, into bringing many to the light.

Thanks for your posts, God bless you all,


yeah that's interesting orion

i have a freind that has a health nightmare, He suffers alot physically, and as you were saying about your stepson,  i was reminded, this guy is such a well adjusted dude

always ready to have fun and appreciate the smallest blessing

never, well hardly ever even complains about His lot

He has been used a few times by God to really encourage me

it's amazing


i saw a movie today about a guy that spent most of His life in prison but accomplished so much there always so much to learn


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