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Author Topic: Before Eve took a bite  (Read 3999 times)

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Re: Before Eve took a bite
« Reply #20 on: September 09, 2006, 10:15:01 AM »

According to Ray, Eve committed every known category of sin known to man before she ever touched or ate of the tree of knowledge (if I am wrong on this, then perhaps I misread Ray..if so, please forgive me).

If this is so (and it may well be) then every time any of us finds an apple to be "good for food", we are actually SINNING? If I happen to find a juicy t-bone steak "good for food", then I am actually commiting a SIN? This doesn't settle well in my stomach (like a juicy t-bone would, right about now)! Perhaps I am mising somthing here  :-\ Perhaps the real SIN in all this is the LUSTING over it EXCESSIVELY. In other words, it is ok to desire a t-bone, just not to the point of losing self-control over it...

I mean, if desiring a piece of chocolate cake - because I find it good for food - (or desert) is a sin, then I am really screwed!

Good morning jerreye,

I see it simply a lusting for something she was commanded by the Lord not to partake of, she could desire and eat all the rest of the fruit of the Garden.

If I lusted for and then stole that juicy steak I committed 2 sins if I desire and pay for it I don't commit any, unless of course like Kat mentioned if I were a gluttonous pig and it was my 8th meal of the day then that (buying and eating the steak) would be a  sinful thing.

His Peace and Wisdom to you,

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