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Greetings to all the brothers and sisters, but especially to those I had the privilege of meeting in Mobile at the Bible Conference, Kat, Joe, Beloved, Patrick, Dennis, and Isabell.  That conference was the highlight of my year.  I feel blessed threefold by attending.  The spiritual food was perfect and the fellowshipping was incredible!

As promised, this is my attempt to be a part of the forum.  I can appreciate the need to associate with like-minded people in the faith, as well as the importance of encouraging one another during difficulit times.

I will take the time later to do a better introductiion of myself, but for now I just wanted to get started and send my love and prayers to all of you.

May God's grace and peace be with each of you today.




Hi Rene,

It's so good to see you join up  ;D
The first time or two that you post, may not be easy for you,
but it gets easier with every post.
Every little bit that we share, helps all of us grow.

mercy, peace, and love

Greetings Rene,

It is great to see you here! I enjoyed your fellowship as well, it certainly was a fantastic weekend for all who attended, my only complaint is it did not last long enough.

I look forward to reading more from you.

Your Brother in Christ,


Hi Rene.  Welcome to the forum.  Wish I couldve been there to meet you all.

Hi Renee

Glad to see that you finally joined. It was a real joy to meet you at the conference. The time flew by so quickly.  It was great talking to everyone there. So many different backgrounds.

The good thing about the forum is that everyone as a member of the body will have something to contribute.  I enjoy reading more than I do posting. I am such a lousy typist.

So Welcome  




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