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Hello everyone,

My name is Earlington.  I actually been on this site for about a year now but have not posted in the forum section.  This site has been such a blessing to me in my spiritual growth and development.  My journey to bible-truths.com started as a result of me searching out more information on tithing.  I was going to a church at the time that I felt really challenged me to grow spiritually and addressed many topics that most churches in my opinion wouldn't bother to touch.  But, like most churches they believe in tithing.  I too believed in it.  I started tithing after the pastor expressed the importance of it.  The only thing that bothered me about the whole tithing deal was that after commiting to it for over a year I never experienced anything differently than when I just gave from the heart.  I was being blessed just as much then as I did without tithing and I became frustrated because I was looking for a blessing out of the ordinary.  So, I questioned it.  I was told I had to tithe on my gross.  I did.  Then, after realizing that I didn't see any difference in level of blessings I heard a televangelist say how you must tithe on your net income.  I thought this to be rediculous because if I tithe on the money that I had in my hands how then can I tithe on money that the government already took in the form of taxes.  I was at a loss.  So I searched the net and found as the first result of my search this site.  I read in big bold letters "Tithing is unscriptural for the new testament christian".  I read it and it changed my life and view on how God actually blesses us.  I no longer depend on man made doctrines and tradition but to the word of God for my guidance.  I thank God for this site.  I am on it virtually everyday learning and growing.  I thank God for Ray and for all of you out there that have had the light bulb turned on not only towards tithing but towards how much our God truly loves and cares for each and everyone of his children.  Be blessed always :D. 


I'm glad you desided to post, God be with you on your journey. May you discover many, many more truths!



I was just doing an awsome study this morning on Truth. I am so glad that God led you here and that you finally posted. As you already know from all your reading there is a lot to learn and discuss in this fellowship.

(2Co 13:8 KJVR)  For we can do nothing against the truth, but for the truth.


Hi and Welcome

 ;D ;D

Hello, Earlington.  Welcome to the forum, and am glad you decided to post.  There are so many things we are taught our whole lives that we took for granted until the Light of Christ is turned on.  Then, wow, its a whole new journey.  Hope to see you post more.

God bless,



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