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Let me introduce myself

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Hi Earlington,

I'm glad you have decided to introduce yourself.
It has been such a blessing for me to partake and share here at the forum,
it will give you a whole new experience in the truth.
The feeling of a close fellowship among brothers and sisters is very real here.
So welcome and feel free to join in the discussion anytime.

mercy, peace, and love

Welcome Earlington,

I look forward to fellowshipping with you,


Hi Earlington,
In love, peace, and truth.

Welcome Earlington - we are all looking for that extraordinary blessing which I believe can be found in the high calling of Jesus Christ!  I want to take this opportunity to welcome all the other new posters as I have been away from the site this past week, but look forward to fellowshipping with you all in the future!


Hey!  Praise the Lord Jesus Christ!!  Your story is similiar to mine.  The subject of tithing is where God started to get my attention.  After I saw how wrong I was, and how wrong most of the visible "church" was, i have had a whole new passion to be a disciple of Jesus and really listen to what the Word says over the doctrines of men.  Would love to hear more from you....Love you in Christ!  Christopher


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