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Author Topic: Death  (Read 2683 times)

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« on: September 11, 2006, 10:13:41 AM »

I know your web page said you can't answer a lot of E-mails but I really hope you will take mine into consideration.  I really like your work, and respect your opinion.  I have tried to read with some understanding your papers on different subjects but some of it just goes over my head.  So I would appreciate any input you could give.
I really don't get the dying thing and what happens to a "saved Christian" vs someone who openly says "God is a crutch for the losers" after death.  If  we are all going to be resurrected some day with the Lord(which makes complete sense to me.... why would a loving God save some and kill others?)   Basically what is the difference in my death; a person who has made an attempt(feeble) to know the Lord and follow his teachings Vs. someone who laughs at God disrespectfully and  and lives a very hedonistic lifestyle saying that God is for the weak minded .
My husband passed away before my baby was born and my own father 3 months after that.  They were both Christians.  I have always told my  daughter who is now 3 that her daddy loves her and can watch over her which gives us both comfort to think that they are somewhere in a better and happier place.  Am I lying to my daughter?  Are they just not aware of us at all, in some deep, dark sleep not even able to care about us or love us.  There deaths were bad enough, but the thought of this just sends  me spiraling into deep sadness.
Some days it is all I can do to muster up the strength to pray and my faith at times seems almost non existent.  After reading some of  your material, it just kind of makes me wonder why get up and try to have t his relationship with the Lord or be fruitful if in the end we all just end up in the same place  a long dark sleep( which in my opinion is no better that the fabled Hell with devils) and then a resurrection a billion years later.

I understand that you are spiritually and psychologically confused and angered. Your own attempt to come to grips with this situation is, however, totally futal.  There is onely one statement in your above email that even comes close to anything Scriptural or anything that I have ever said in any of my writings, and that is your statement:   "If  we are all going to be resurrected some day with the Lord"
Trust me, "a long dark sleep" is definitely to be preferred over "Hell with devils."
Death is something that God intends for all humanity to experience. It is not, however, as you suggest, something that will be dark and terrible for a billion years.  We will all experience the process of death--that is we will all experience DYING (albeit it every so short, as in putting a bullet into your head).  We all experience the act of DYING, and the act of RESURRECTION.  But......BUT, no one will ever "experience" BEING DEAD.  There is no experience when one is DEAD.
All who have ever died will think that they have been resurrected in less than a second after they experienced DYING.  One God has created a human with consciousness, such a creature will never ever experience NON-existence. There can be periods of unconsciousness, as in deep sleep, operations, comas, etc. But the person himself does not "experience" any of these things, only the LIVING CAN BE CONSCIOUS OF DEATH!
"The Living know that they shall DIE, but the DEAD KNOW NOT ANYTHING..." (Ecc. 9:5).
It will all work out for good in the end--TRUST GOD.
God be with you,
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