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Just another sinner, and the beast wants me for dinner

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formally brett007 of the previous BT forums...GLAD TO BE BACK!

Ok.....words do not and cannot explain...they are completely inadequete and lacking the spirit of love and freedom I feel at being given eyes to see "spiritual things" roughly a year or so ago.....but here goes.....I find that I can express my heart and soul much more deeper when writing in Verse so I hope this testimony touches someone out there in some way who can perhaps relate to it...


I tried to keep, that "water baptised & spotless ME"
free from lust, hate and greed...
I tried to boast this mighty prize myself
and lift it up with a name I held....Jesus...

I wanted to ask, did I do well?
and completely avoid hell, with my pentecostal denomination & religion?
and so I "chose" to cast these chains of sin away "myself",
to find "my grace" in this bold, self-claimed way (or so I thought....)

Little did I know, that I knew naught,
Was it just a simple thirst?  No a major draught!!
I was dying quick, a spiritual pang so deep!
God brought me to a stand still on my knees, and I was made to "SEE"....that I saw nothing, NOTHING at all

What a powerful testimony to my heart inside,
just yesterday was stone, but now warm and so alive
what a most meaningful way, for God to reveal
the hidden things of God, that just yesterday I simply seeked to steal

Oh God, why me? A hyprocrite on my better of days
Why now IN THIS, fleshly bag of clay?
I can't resist wickedness, 'cept FIRST your chastening grace,
So I pray bring it on!  Bring it on TODAY! Today! Today!

Oh Christ, my God, my true first love.
I thank you for these blessed "eyes" from you high above
I pray that you overcome this beast my carnality and flesh does LIKE
Oh Lord, crucify my flesh, and wound this beast, with a killing STRIKE.

Praise GOD!  

Pray for me please!!

- Brett

Beautiful stuff Brett, I am very happy to see you back here!



Great way to put it into words, Brett.  Welcome back.  You have a knack for the words.  

God bless you,


Hello, Brett.  

Thank you for posting those heart warming words; a testimony and a prayer.  So glad the Lord has done this in you ~ will pray for you, and it's good to have you back  :) .

Beautifully put.  Thank you for sharing.  Welcome Back.


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