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hello everyone happy to join

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hello my name is dave looking forward to meeting other believers. i first ran into ray's site august 2005, all the questions i had were answered, the scriptures have never been so alive as they are now. i too have many stories to share,  but i will keep this short for now. may God continue to reveal his truth to you all. you are in my prayers.
                                                                       yours in truth and in spirit, dave ;D

Welcome, Dave.  I agree, once that light is turned on, His words truly become living waters.  Look forward to your posts.

God bless,


Welcome to our forum Dave.
I agree with you, may God's love and truth rein on us always! What a joy we have in hope!
Your sister in Christ,


Hi Dave,
Yes this forum is the place to meet other believers.
It seems we are few, and far between.
This place has been a great place to fellowship, for me.
Hope you jump right in, and make yourself at home.

mercy, peace, and love

Hi Dave,

I'm sure glad you found us. Welcome,



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