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Author Topic: Hell, in a candy wrapper  (Read 2135 times)

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Hell, in a candy wrapper
« on: September 17, 2006, 11:13:16 AM »

WHAT A CROCK!  You need to read my series on "HELL" very carefully.

    I just read your viewpoints on a lot of topics and I must say that SOME of your points are true. You definitely do BELIEVE in the ONE TRUE GOD...but doesnt the devil too?? Im not trying to offend you but Im just stating the truth.
    But a lot of things you said were kind of OFF. I read the one that you and Pat were sending to and from about the "is there really a hell" topic.You shocked me because for a man that SEEMS TO BE very knowledgeable about the things of God, you seem to have a little mix up in that wonderful brain of yours, huh? Sweetie, there is a heaven and a hell. And the lake of fire also does exist, Sir. However, you wont believe this until YOU get YOUR OWN revelation of this topic. So all I can do is give you as much as I feel led to give you for you to get that unction from the Holy Spirit to research this topic a little more.
    First of all, God says HIMSELF that there is a lake of fire that all the ones that refuse Jesus will encounter and that will be forever. However, there is more to "this book" that John was told to write in Revelation that he was then told not to write down what the 7 Thunders spoke. So, therefore we do not know exactly what is to come after the Resurrection of out Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I personally believe, from reading your extremely uneccessary sarcastic response to Pat's email about God revealing the lake of fire to him via baptism, that you have some sort of twisted idea that GOD PUTS sinners, blasphemers, and ones that resist Jesus in hell. WHAT? If that were so then we DONT HAVE A LOVING GOD AND THEREFORE JESUS LIED TO US ALL. NO NO NO! You are extremely deceived! Yes there is a hell but NO God will not put us there. Why would He put us somewhere He never intended for us?
    Satan is the one who comes to steal, kill and destroy. Satan steals souls right when they're ripe for the picking and because of teh fault of the sinner they end up in hell. Satan has to prepare for this war that he will fight against JESUS and his church. Satan is not fighting God because even he knows how powerful God is and he already lost that battle when HE ended up in hell. However, this is a different battle. Satan is still jealous of the power that God has given unto Jesus that's why the war is between him and our Savior. But there is also jealous with Satan about the power that has been given us. Tha's why we battle with Satan on a day to day basis. Because he knows that the end is near and he needs as many souls to prepare them for battle.
    It says in the bible that Hell was created for Satan and his angels(FIND IT). So common sense would tell you that all men who are not children of God are then by default children of Satan. So if Satan is your father...wouldnt you live with him??? THINK!! Why do you think that there are so many ways to Satan but only one way to God?! Satan wants to make it easier to follow him and harder to follow Jesus. Remember when the serpent came to Adam and Eve and got them to sin and turn away from God? God had given all power unto Adam and with that the world was then to be ruled by Adam. God himself was preparing Adam and Eve to be basically a little god and goddess on earth. But when Satan saw that would mean the end of him he came as a serpent. Hint: If he would have come as himself Eve would have recognized him and his plan to take over the world not have worked. By sinning and believing Satan's lies Adam and Eve "decided" to turn away from God; to be ashamed. Hint: We make that dec ision ourselves-no one can force us, not Satan not God. FREE WILL!!!!! So in tune, Satan uses lies to decieve us to make that decision. But the part that Satan didnt tell them(he does not play fair)is that when sin enters into this world then the world itself is then handed over to Satan. That's why it's so many ways to EASILY fall into the hands of Satan if you abide by this world. This world belongs to Satan, for now!! "broad and wide is the path to destruction, but narrow is the path to righteousness" that SHOULD ring a bell, you knowledgeable man of God you!!
    This world is not real to the believer. Let me elaborate...Meaning most of the things in this world are counterfeits of the REAL THING that God issued for us in heaven. Sin itself is a counterfeit for the gfts and privaledges from God. Think about it this way, when people get high or drunk it is because they want to be at peace with something. They are going through something in life and are not happy about it and at times want to forget the problem all together. Is one of the fruits of the spirit PEACE?? Didnt God tell us to cast all our cares on him (Psalms)? What about fornication, adultery, porn, and all other kinds of sexual lusts? Yes God gave us those deires, but they were for our mates WHEN we get MARRIED. But we are in this world that
    Satan rules so he know how to flip our switch so-to-speak. He knows what makes us tick. Satan TEMPTS. Not God! God intended sex for marriage but Satan twisted it to use it in his death traps. I can go on and on about this but I trust that you get the point.
    Im not trying to hurt your feelings, believe me that's not what I was lead to do, Im just simply trying to inform you of one of the most simple things in the bible. You have not gotten that revelation that Pat has gotten (mind you-that is TOTALLY backed up by the Word Of God) so therefore you have NO RIGHT to critisize what God has revealed to someone else...Maybe you SHOULD  start going back to church...when you were a child you went to school and let the world teach you, so why not go to church and let God teach you? Yes, I do understand what you are saying about how you feel that going to church is not a need if you are totally filled with the word of God and you are teaching yourself. But you are wrong!! You are just simply studying for a test that you refuse to go to class(church)and take. It says in the bible that God has given us a 5 Fold Mininstry-that's Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Preachers, and Teachers. Why would The Most High give us things that we dont neccessarily need. That's stupid, and I for one know my God is not stupid. Nothing that comes from God is void-His Word nor His Gifts. That's why you go to Hell for not receiving His most precious gift of all. Now I know you know that one! Now going back to the 5 Fold Minisrty; If you notice, they all are equal but different. And they start from highest to lowest in rank. Teachers being the lowest. Not in order of importance but anointing. Now you are clearly a teacher and a pretty good one but as you can see the preacher is a little higher than you. Now wouldnt that behoove you to get some good teaching from them? Each level of anointing gets their anointing from the higher level of anointing. You catch that? And in all that they are able to hold through a storm. Doesnt that make perfect sense.
    Um, Sir, I would say that you really need to learn that to be a LEADER OF GOD'S PEOPLE you must first be LED OF THE HOLY SIRIT! Especially before you reply to these emails because Sir, with all due respect, a lot of things you say dont align with the bible. And God does not contradict Himself so you really need to question a lot of things you hear, and see if they align with the bible or not. Because if we can't find it in the bible, WE HAVE NO REASON TO BELIEVE IT- No matter who you are that's teaching it!!
    Ask for understanding when you read the bible so that you will...UNDERSTAND! I hope that you receive this as CONSTRUCTIVE crticism and dont get bid-headed with the thinking "Who does she think she is? She doesnt know me and my relationship with God! Whatever!" No I dont know you and definitely not your relationship with God-personally I dont care. That's not why Im writing you...Remember God once used a donkey to preach to a man, right? So that should end all of that right there. I was led by the Holy Spirit-- so at this point this is beyond me. God Bless!!    0:-)
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