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Not exactly "new"...my name is Deb

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Well, there I went and did it and revealed my true identity. Usually when I join a forum I stay anonymous using a nickname or something for quite a while until I feel comfortable, especially with some of the more controversial posts I make knowing I am still accepted (well I hope I am).

And now I'll tell you where "snorky" came from. years ago we saw a Simpsons episode where dolphins take over, and the leader was "snorky". My son was 10 or 11 at the time and one day in the back of the vehicle he started this "snorky" thing that was actually a finger puppet. then "snorky" became a little toy dinosaur that was in the truck, then other finger puppet characters were created and he and his sister who was 4 years younger made up this menagerie of finger characters. To participate I became the "snorky" character.

I may still sign my posts "snorky" or maybe my real name, but I am so happy to have found Ray's site and this forum. Another benefit has been that I now spend more productive time in Bible Study and more time doing God's Will and loving my neighbor. This is sort of a beakthrough for me since I tend not to trust people and have been so introverted my whole life. God is awesome indeed!

Deb aka snorky

Hi Deb,

It is so good that you are here, I hope you will be sharing your thoughts with us more.
I do think I remember seeing your screen name from time to time   :)
The more of God's people are here and sharing, the more we learn.
That was a cute story about your kids.

mercy, peace, and love

p.s. Kathy is my real name, no reason for the screen name  :-\

Hi Deb,

I'm glad to now have a name to associate with "snorkey". Don't worry, we all may have an edge to our posts from time to time. Sometimes we have to vent a little, but I don't remember you doing any of that.

From one introvert to another....I'm glad to know you Deb, and so happy that you feel more comfortable here. Some of us have to deal with lots of people on a daily basis and so we maybe aren't as cautious as some, but I understand how you feel about trust. Whats great here is that no one minds if you want to hang back a little, or just lurk around making a comment here and there...like me.

Peace Deb...

Hi Deb aka "snorkey,"

It makes me happy to hear you are comfortable sharing with us. We are not perfect by any measure, but we are a work in progress, seeking His knowledge and patience and all the other fruits that accompany a maturing spirit.

Don't ever be reluctant to ask questions or clarification, this is how "iron sharpens iron."

Thank you for your introduction.

His Peace and Wisdom to you Sister,


Hi Deb,
It is nice to put a real name to your screen name. I actually wondered what "Snorky" was. Thanks for sharing.
I have enjoyed reading all your posts by the way.
Love to you Deb,


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