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Hi.† Iím 18 years old and I live in Illinois, USA.† Some of my hobbies are pen spinning, video games, reading comic books, and hanging out on the internet.† Iím a senior in high school and I go to a Christian school.

Short testimony of me.† In my sophomore year, I found Rayís article on tithing.† I liked it and agreed with it, then I looked at the rest of the stuff on the website and saw that he didnít believe in Hell.† I thought he was crazy and I didnít even bother to read the other articles.† Some time later, I gave my brother the tithing article, but I told him I didnít agree with the rest of the website.† My brother read the some other articles and he believed them and told me about it.† I didnít listen at first, but eventually I couldnít ignore the proof my brother was giving me, so I believed it.† I think this was around the second semester of my junior year.

Going to a Christian school now is a lot different than it was when I used to believe the church.† I donít want to go to a different school though, because I want to finish high school with the people Iíve been with for 7 years.

Iíve been lurking here for awhile, just wanted to let you guys know about me.† Iíve read almost all of Rayís Lake of Fire series.† Excellent stuff.

Well, good to be here.

Welcome Jim,

I must say I found your introduction to be quite remarkable, if I had been introduced to this 34 years ago when I was an 18 year old wild man I either would have laughed it off or my head would have exploded.

It is nothing short of amazing to me that you are in the position to be sober (spiritually) minded about these things at your age, believe me I am not disparaging your youth, just the opposite, your post gave me a great joy this evening.

His Peace and Wisdom to you,

Joe† †

Hi Jim,

Joe, you said it!

What a wonderful thing to see, make no mistake about it Jim, this is real. It's mind boggling at first when you realize that the truth was there in front of you all the time, but you couldn't see it. I'm very happy that you have been led here, welcome.

Your brother,

Hi Jim,
Welcome to the forum.
Going back to my teenage years.....
I didn't learn about God until I was 16. (I even went to a catholic elementary school). What I learnt at 16 was the truth, but only what God wanted me to know at that time;
20 years later, He led me to a church, got me saved, even "physically" baptized, and after only one short year... - pulled me out.
One year in the church was enough to plant blasphemy in my mind.

Praise God for His mercy in showing me the truth and leading me here to fellowship with His children.

Stay focused on Jesus, Jim, being in a christian school that doesn't know the truth, when you know the truth, could be real tough...but God is right beside you. You are blessed indeed to know the truth. And what's great, there will always be so much more to learn.

Here's to Jesus Christ!

Hi Jim,

I work at a Christian school here in Orlando, Florida.  I'm the janitor, so you be nice to your janitor okay?  :)  Anyway, when I was 18, I was still asking the 'Why God' questions.  What a joy it must be for you to see these truths early on.  It will indeed be tough attending a Christian school now, but like Marie said, keep your focus on Christ and you will see it through. 

We are so glad to have you here, so don't lurk too much.  I will pray that you will be able to stand for the truth of God's Word while in school.

Your Brother,


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