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Author Topic: Near Death?  (Read 6022 times)

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Near Death?
« on: October 02, 2006, 11:20:30 PM »

A few months ago I read your paper on tithes.  That was an eye opener.
I'm reading lake of fire and just started and will be reading the rest to be sure . . . but after discussing with my husband . . . he raised a couple of questions.
About "sleeping in the grave" . . . what are your thoughts on people who have died with after life experiences . . . leave their bodies and see and hear doctors doing procedures, the tunnel experience, etc. ?
What about the "remnant".  Does that fit in your scenario such as we've been taught in Christianity?
I'm sure you're inundated . . . . so I understand if you can't respond . . . it won't stop me from searching . . . I've been searching since I left the Catholic church when I was 18.  Since then Pentecostal Church, nondenominational church, Nazarene church, Ken Copeland, Hagin, Morris Cerillio, the historical Jesus, Synagogue for a semester, denied Jesus as Lord for 5 years, Michael Rood, David Eells and now you.  I'm not afraid to read anything.  I search for the truth and all of the truth and yes I;vet taken a few detours along the way.
God's grace is sufficient . . . he knows the desire of my heart.  I'm in pursuit of my Lord and while it looks a little wayward at times . . . I'm learning what the truth is I'm learning what the truth is not. Mr. Smith . . . some of your teachings are closer to the Jewish perspective of their understanding of God . . . such as evil and hell . . .
what are your thoughts on people's after death experiences?
God Bless your search of scripture and its interpretation.

Dear Martine:
I am not sure what you have been taught on the "remnant," so do not feel qualified to comment on that. Actually the Jews believe almost exactly like the Christians concerning an eternal hell of torture in fire.
I don't believe that ANYONE EVER has had an "experience" after death.  I am not interested in what a person thinks they experienced after their heart stopped beating for a little while. I would be interested in what someone has experienced AFTER THEY HAVE BEEN DEAD, however.  I don't think anyone but Jesus can tell us of such an experience.
God be with you,
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