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Author Topic: Free Will Robots?  (Read 4602 times)

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Free Will Robots?
« on: October 06, 2006, 01:45:40 PM »

Hi Ray,
        I have been away for what seems like ages, I have moved house and thought I would revisit your site and see your latest views. I would though like to ask your thought on the the question " Did God make us all robots with no free will?"
      I ask this because it seems that you believe that all  the circumstances ect which we face have been pre made  and put before us by God.
      If this is in fact the case and be true then every act and out come good or bad has been pre engineered by God. It would make us all no more then mindless robots. If God intended us to have no free will no choices ect why then did God go through all the trouble of creating us God should of short circuited our earthly existence and go straight to " heaven"
    To hold the view that we have no free will makes every thing pretty point less as you have said God will have everyone in the end them being either good or bad...
                       Thanks Tim

Dear Tim:
I have written a Four-Part series on "The Myth of Free Will." It is on our home page. I explain it in great detail. If you have read it and don't understand it, there is nothing more I can tell you. We DO have minds, and we DO make millions of choices, and we DO HAVE A WILL, but none of these things operate in a vacuum. There is a CAUSE for our every thought and choice.
God be with you,
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