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Is Ray Smith has a website / sell books, etc...?

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Hello Everybody,

I just wonder if Ray Smith has website that sell his books, teaching, etc?? Bible study teaching? Please let me know.

I had a particular question about the .... What is "Eonian Life? I read some in his sight. My question is..... Does he believe that there is no eternal hell?

The way I understood Ray explanation about Eonian life. Seems life every individual that who walks with God. Has different level of spirituallity.  Seems like in his teaching there are levels of heavens where God place those people in different levels as a punishment? I am little confused never heard this way before

But, this is interesting for me to check it out and learn all the scriptures. Is this why the apostle mentons about the third heaven? And of course, heaven of heavens? Maybe?

Please respond I want to know. Thanks!


Dennis Vogel:
Who is Ray Larson?


--- Quote from: Dennis Vogel on October 08, 2006, 02:20:48 PM ---Who is Ray Larson?

--- End quote ---

Did I made a mistakes? R. L. Smith? Sorry would like me to erase this one put a new. My mistakes?


--- Quote from: Dennis Vogel on October 08, 2006, 02:20:48 PM ---Who is Ray Larson?

--- End quote ---

Dennis thank you for correcting me.  I haven't been posting in this forum. I had mistaken Ray Smith name. Sorry, I had to apologized.

Thank you again.  I think I mistaken to put it in discussion board. I also accidentally place it here in announcement. I think I messed up so bad today. Thank God your awaked!



Ray has absolutely nothing for sale, and never will.

Matt. 10:8 "...You have received freely, freely give. "

Everything he has available is at Bible-truths web-site.
If you want a copy on paper, you must print it out yourself.

mercy, peace, and love


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