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Author Topic: Need Straight Answers  (Read 5362 times)

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Need Straight Answers
« on: March 28, 2006, 10:31:01 AM »


I must say that I have some what become obsessed with your site.  I have always been a fundamental Independent Baptist.  I have always believed in a place called hell and that people are going there. However,  I have tested alot of your scriptures and found them to be true. But reading some of your writings is quite hard.  With all of the Greek and Hebrew and along with your sarcasm.  I don't mean that in a bad way my wife says that I am the king of sarcasm.  I am an average man with average intelligence.  How can a man who wants to know the truth find it if no bible seems to be the perfect word of god to the English people.  I have always stood firm on the KJV and would not touch anything else.  I have look up the Greek and Hebrew words that are translated (forever, eternal, everlasting, etc) in my dictionaries (Strongs, Thyers, Brown-Diver-Briggs) all say that the words could and should be translated as eternal, everlasting or forever ect.  I have no other dictionaries.  

I must find the truth.  I have never been one to take peoples word for anything.  I have read that your use the KJV.  Please give me chapter and verse in the KJV that proves your points.  I don't speak Hebrew or Greek nor am I an expert on the history of words.  In Psalms doesn't it say that he would preserve his word?  What is his perserved word today for the average man like myself.  I can't seem to put all things together with in your writings.  Proof that the Greek and Hebrew words should not be forever and everlasting.  All men will be saved.  Common answers for the common man.

Just a short reply of chapter and verse that I can look up and study for myself.


Dear Hoyle:
It  is hardly possible for me to write my material any clearer or more simple than I already have. Besides, these things are spiritual by nature, and one can only understand spiritual things by the Spirit of God (I Cor. 2:14-16).

There is plenty of material on my site that explains the proper translation of "aion/aionios," but you do need to read it. I tell everyone that most people need to read my papers at least 5 to 7 times.

I really do feel for you, Hoyle, as people write me all the time and ask me to explain the Bible to them so that they can understand it.  I do my best. Read it over and over until you get it--beg God for His Spirit so you can understand.  That's what I do.

God be with you,


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Need Straight Answers
« Reply #1 on: March 28, 2006, 11:33:50 AM »

Dear Hoyle,
I hope you read this because being confused is part of the process of coming out of false churches and their teaching. Wehn I read the LOF series, I was so confused because I just couldn't see god as a spiritual fire. I saw fire as fire; something that burns and destroys. Then, after reading over and over the LOF series I woke up one morning and understood the difference between spiritual and real fire. God just gave me the truth, but I did the study. You really must put in the time studying, because it's like a cleansing and God uses His Word to wash away all the garbage and dross that has been there for many years.
Get a good dictionary, strongs concordance, Bible, and e-sword. these are my main tools for study. Just start asking God to help you understand a teaching in the Bible. Maybe you need to understand grace. Study it as much as you need to, and look at it all different ways. God will open your eyes and show you truth you never believed possible.
What an awesome god we serve!
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