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Author Topic: Lazarus Parable  (Read 4583 times)

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Lazarus Parable
« on: October 17, 2006, 11:13:44 AM »

 It is obvious that you are more interested in being argumentive than in listening.  Jesus names Lazarus.  He also told the rich man that even if one returned from the grave people would not listen.  He then told the man that people had the Bible.  The Bible teaches there is to be one judgement day, and therefore the story of Lazarus, etc. is pointing out facts concerning an actual event revealed by Jesus.  He did not look around and compare something people knew and make a "parallel" reading.  You insult my intelligence by stating I got the information from others.  I study deeply before coming to a conclusion, however I study with an open mind trying to get from God's revelations what He gave us.  He is not the author of confusion.  God gave a book which can be u nderstood if we will only accept just what it says, and not try to form an interpretation. Comman sense must be also employed.

I wrote hoping that you might see something worthwhile in my comments.  As a Christian I am obligated to try to help people who seem to want to serve God.  Some, however, seem to want to serve their own "desires" for any number of reasons.  Thanks for responding to my reply.


Dear Arlis:

Nope. Sorry--didn't learn a thing from your email.

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