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Author Topic: Flies and Honey  (Read 4136 times)

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Flies and Honey
« on: October 24, 2006, 10:27:59 AM »

> Hi,
> My name is Matt, and I have only been reviewing your site for two days now.
> I had focused mostly at first with your lake of fire letter, and then I
> moved on into your debate on tithing. Finally I have been focusing on the
> letters that you have recieved and replied to from anonomous people. I
> notice a trend among how you react to these letters from others. I saw one
> that had a man admitting that he didn't know weather or not any of your
> claims were true, and I would have to second that, I don't know weather they
> are true or false. Many people go out and say what they think is true, but
> that doesn't always make it so. He also stated that your apporach was
> causing division. Now, that man's approach was modest, he didn't attack you
> at all, and you bashed him. I guess I will try another approach. I am not
> going to curse you or tell you to get saved, because the only two people who
> could know that is God and yourself. I don't know if what you are doing is
> right or wrong, but I do believe that you honestly take to heart what you
> say. I don't know what is true, I just have faith. You might bash me too,
> when I say that your articles sound a little biased. I am not using this
> approach to say that anything that you say is wrong, I'm just saying that it
> sounds like you write off your oppinions as if they were solid facts. And
> then you say that everything else that "Fundamentalists" say is "Damnable".
> How do I know wheather or not what you say is any more right than what they
> say. I'm not taking sides here, but please understand that if you would just
> come out and say: this is what I think, then I wouldn't be writing this
> email. I res pect the fact that you have differing oppinions from the
> traditional church, as do I. I guess you could say that you and I are both
> contemporary christians. But just because you quote Titus 1:9 over and over
> again, doesn't mean that you are exposing contradictors. Who are you to say
> that your crusade against these contradictors has turned up fruitful?
> Because in order to do that, you really have to know what you are saying is
> true. Do you know what you are saying IS TRUE, or do you BELIEVE THAT IT IS
> TRUE. There is a difference. I think what you offer is an interpretation.
> And that is fine. I have no problem with that. But interpreting the bible is
> spiritually dangerous and couses division. I say let the bible speak for
> itself and no one else. One last thing I noticed, you claim that no one
> would go to the lake of fire to be burned for ever and ever. I don't know if
> that is t rue or not, but please explain to me and everyone else what Jesus
> is talking about when he mentions the weeping and nashing of teeth, or even
> the story of the man who was denied into Abrahams Bosom (I think both
> scriptures are in Matthew). I encourage your response, and please don't bash
> me as you have done to a lot of others, and please stop bashing them too. On
> a side not, you win flies with honey. You can post that comment if you want
> to.
> Matt

Dear Matt:

I do "come right out and say what I think," and what I think is what the Scriptures say, so that is why I always quote the Scriptures to show people what I think. I am sorry if this offends you. The Faith is not for everyone.

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