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Author Topic: Aionos  (Read 4036 times)

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« on: October 25, 2006, 12:13:42 PM »

    Hi Ray,
    I hope all is well.  I'm sure you are as busy as ever.  If you have a chance, I was researching some articles on aionios/aion and came across the following section:

    To me, most of it proves nothing as I saw nothing particularly scholarly about this work, but I was intrigued by the author's mini diatribe on the Hebrew concept of time and wanted to get your thoughts.
    Thanks again,

Dear Bert:
    I went through this nut's paper years ago. It is somewhere in our emails. Whenever I see one of those complicated charts with circles, Scriptures, and arrows, I run.........
    His scholarship is so stupid it is beyond belief. I would love to tear it apart word for word and sentence by sentence, but I don't have the time.  He talks about the Hebrews viewing time as their present age and the ENDLESS AGE TO COME.  Show me that in the Old Testament Scriptures and I will give a big bag full of money. They knew NOTHING of a future age in the Old Testament. Only Job and Janeiel even hint at a resurrection. The law of Moses promised the righteous a long life in the land--PERIOD!  Nothing else.  And the five points that he presents as the five arguments of Universalists are ALL BOGUS. Total nonsense.  Most Universalists do not believe that the "next" age will be an "endless eternal age." That again is total nonsense. They know that there is coming a "consummating of the ages [plural]" (I Cor. 10:11).  And the New Testament speaks of "...ONCOMING AGES [again, plur al]..." (Eph. 2:7), Etc.
    Somewhere too, I have an emails showing how that in Rev. 20:4 "for ever and ever," one needs to [1] Change the PLURAL "ages" into the singular "ever" [2] change a NOUN ages into an adjective "ever," [3] change the GENATIVE "of" into the conjunctive "the," [4] and then do the same thing over once again with the second "ages."  So they make FOUR grammatical blunders out of just three words: "ages of ages."
    God be with you,
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