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Hi Everyone, just a note to introduce myself and say hi to my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. Well I've been reading Ray's site for about 4 months and have read about 90% of the papers. I know that it was God's intention for me to come across this website, I still don't know how exactly I came across it, but the tithing article caught my attention.

About a month before I came across Bible-Truths, my wife was suffering from severe depression and her faith was suffering. This spell was probably the worst of all occasions, and guess what fuelled it: the never ending fear that she could end up in hell being subject to torture by fire! She had been reading a book called "A Divine Revelation of Hell", this was after reading Choo Thomas' "Heaven Is So Real" (I refuse to read either), talk about extremes! But thanks be to God who by His grace brought us out of darkness and into the Light!

I was able to little by little share with her Ray's studies of hell and eternal punishment and God's real plan for the ages and after, and how we had been indoctrinated into pagan myths and false teachings by the church institution. I'm happy to report that my wife is gaining a genuine love for God out of seeing His mercy and goodness and not out of fear (can fear really lead to love?), and my own new understanding of God has brought me peace.

I hope to learn and fellowship with you all here and grow in my knowledge of God. I've been reading this forum for about a month now, and look forward to posting some of my questions in the near future.

God bless you all,

Welcome and God bless you and your family.

Hello Andrevan,

It was great to read your introduction, I am very happy to hear your wife is accepting the truths you found on Ray's site.

That hell doctrine is indeed a damnable heresy, it puts our loving Lord in a very bad light, portraying Him as the exact opposite of what He really is, and what He really accomplished through His death and resurrection and what He is doing now in the lives of believers.

Welcome Brother,


Hello Andrevan,

Good to hear that you and your wife are coming into the Light of His word.  The doctrine of hell has many people entangled in its web.  To think that God Himself has created such a place is totally against the scriptures.  It's through tradition and ignorance that His people suffer needlessly.

Welcome aboard and look forward to your posts.

God bless,


Hi Andrevan,

Your story is a strong testimony to how the teaching of hell really is destroying the lives of some people. There are people who profit (if you can call abusing others profiting) by the horrible fear this teaching is creating. It is important to remember that even this teaching has been allowed by God, He is controlling all things. With this in mind, I feel even more grateful for being brought out of that fear, and thankful that God revealed Himself to me in such a wonderful way.

I was, like your wife, seriously depressed because of the "turn or burn" teachings, for a period of about one year. In the end I wanted nothing to do with that god. I started believing that the god of the Bible was not the true God, he couldn't be! God was already beginning to prepare me for discovering the Truth, I guess. Then after a period of five years I began "picking up the loose threads", and then one fine day I found Bible-truths.com via an ad on Google.

Since then I'm really humbled by the fact that I know so little, as God once showed me that in fact I didn't know ANYTHING about Him until He revealed Himself to me. EVERYTHING I believed was wrong, really EVERYTHING. Nothing they teach in organized religion is true:

For, behold, the Lord, Jehovah of hosts, doth take away from Jerusalem and from Judah stay and staff, the whole stay of bread, and the whole stay of water; (Isa 3:1 ASV)

I'm discovering day by day how utterly false and wrong my believes used to be. This is "coming out of Babylon", something we must face on a daily basis, the rest of our lives, Lord willing.

God bless you and keep you,


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