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Author Topic: Blasphemy  (Read 4566 times)

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« on: October 28, 2006, 09:26:50 AM »

    > Ray,
    > Have you ever heard of a preacher by the name of Fred Phelps?
    > is one of the sites he runs. Now I am not
    > pro-homosexual, but I am of the judge not lest ye be judged type of
    > person. This guy spreads pure hate and literally terrorizes the City of
    > Topeka, Kansas. They picket at funerals of known homosexuals and in my
    > opinion twist God into a hateful entity like Satan. I have a sister who
    > is a lesbian. I don't know why. We had a great childhood, she was
    > never abused and while I disagree with her lifestyle, I love her just
    > the same. I believe in many ways there is some genetic or mental
    > predisposition for homosexuality. Very few just say, "Hey I am going to
    > be gay!"
    > Look at what the Baptist Church says about this man. They obviously
    > want no association with him.
    > There is a lot to read Ray,
    > but it is worth it. It fills me with Rage and Sorrow.
    > This guy makes the preachers you prove wrong look like harmless
    > playground children. I ask and plead that you take this guy on through
    > intelligent scriptural debate. You are blessed by God in the work you
    > do and the hope and love you spread to others. This guy has to be
    > addressed spiritually. I wish I could do it myself.
    > Ray I have joined you in your mission to preach the true good news. I
    > believe in my heart that through the power of the Holy Spirit you can
    > tear this guy down. I am actively trying to do the same. I have made
    > it a personal mission. I live an hour from Topeka and experienced his
    > wicked picketing at my sister-in-law's graduation. He actually believe
    > G od HATES people!!! It is an abomination! I truly believe this man is
    > possessed by Satan himself. Of course any action I take will be
    > according to the Law of God and the Laws of our society.
    > Would you be willing to begin a dialog with this person? I think you
    > are the perfect candidate to expose this blasphemy on your site.
    > God bless you Ray,
    > Chris

    Dear Chris:

    I understand your frustration, however, it is not our job to cure the ills

    of this world. I have zero interest in "taking on" people like this. That

    is not what I do. I suppose after taking on him, I could take on those

    who are disrupting funerals of family members burying their war dead.

    Then maybe I could join Dr. Kennedy's program to "Reclaim America,"

    or some other such unscriptural nonsense. I know what I am doing, Chris,

    and this is what I intend to continue doing.

    God be with you,


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