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My son now hated God

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A month or so ago, on the old forum, I wrote about my son and how he was having doubts about God. We have been talking for the past week and he said he hates and doesn't believe in God. {sounds contradictory}
He said the evil is just tooo overwhelming and he can't love a God who permits such horror.
I gave him my scriptual proofs and just told him he is still in Gods hands and he won't do anything unless God causes it. I can relate to my son, as i felt the same way about God at one time.
Maybe you could pray for God to show Bradley His great love and mercy. Pray I will say the right things to him. My faith is still firm and I am trusting that God will bring something good out of my sons unbelief.

What your son is going through is understandable. Deep down, he probably does believe God exists. BTW, my nephew's name is also Bradley, so it will be easy to remember him whenever I pray.

It's great news that one day, God will be all in all, but this age is hard to bear for so many.  The elect have their chastenings, the called have their confusion, and all of humanity has an experience of evil to humble them.  God's people, at least, have the Truth which can help them understand why things are the way they are, and the Holy Spirit is their comforter.  I've questioned God before as to why He chose this way, until i came to realise that it was coming from a view that 'i would have done it better' ~ foolish me  :oops: .  We can only question so much and so far before we must humbly accept that God's ways are not our ways, even Paul says, 'we see through a glass, darkly'.  I'll pray that your son will come to see that one day all evil, pain, injustice and sin will be replaced by a glorious existence in God's love, for all of humanity.  This age will pale in comparison.

Thank you both for your replies. Now that I understand God has a purpose for everything that happens, I have much peace in Him.  I know His will is to be done, and He knows exactly why He is doing everything He does. I know there is a purpose for every evil, ugly, sinful event that takes place on this earth. Someday God will, hopefully, explain it all to us and then we will say "Now I know why that event took place. It made no sense at the time, but now it makes perfect sense."
I have such confidence in our Lords ability to save all people, that I no longer am afraid that those who hate and doubt him will burn forever. God loves my son far more than I ever will.

Just remember that your son just like everyone else, has his beast. No one come to God, tell the beast is laid low.

Anyway how old is he and what are his interest.


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