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Nov. 5, 2006 Bible Study at Ray's house

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Dennis Vogel:


Well, that was indeed shocking and eyeopening. Thanks, Dennis for posting this.

I hope future Bible Studies will be posted as well. If you need help in making this happen, let me know how I can help.


Dennis and Jeremy--
I would really love to read the notes...but perhaps like some others here...I only have dial-up service and a limited computer?? I tried opening the file posted and only had "garble" ....would there be another format available??
joyce  :)

::::looks at floor and scuffles her feet::::
Kittyhawk-- thanks! I didn't even know that it was an mp3 file! feelin' kinda old right now...what I'm trying to do is get one of my kids to hook me up with an ipod...and show me how to use it....my computer has taken on some kinda virus and doesn't even show the sound card anymore! so hopefully I can download the files into the ipod...like you said and get to listening to all those files that are available! I love reading mostly...I like taking notes as I go along and being able to stop and look up things in my concordance or on my Franklin Bible....that's the speed I'm at...hopefully the force will be with me soon and I'll make Jedi speed! ;D joyce

Thanks, kittyhawk for taking the time to explain that to me! sincerely, joyful 1 :)


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