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Author Topic: Favorite Angel  (Read 2362 times)

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Favorite Angel
« on: November 09, 2006, 10:43:56 AM »

> Dear Ray,
> I have heard a lot about who God's favorite angel WAS. A lot of people
> have said that it was Lucifer BEFORE he decieved God.. but the truth is that
> God never changes.. so if Lucifer was God's favorite angel then he should
> still be God's favorite angel now.. I don't have any scriptual proof to
> support this and i'm not sure if there is any.. I also havn't had the
> opportunity to read ALL of your work.. I have read a great deal of it but
> I'm not sure if you've already covered this or not. To me it would make
> sense since Lucifer was unique, he was created for a great purpose, he will
> probably have to undergo a greater amount of punishment in order to be
> brought back to God and God obviously knew this before he created him. Do
> you believe that Lucifer is really God's favorite angel? and if so is there
> any scriptual proof? If you have time to reply amoung the thousands of
> emails you recieve on a regular basis it would appreceated. Thank you for
> your time Ray.

Dear Clayton:

There never was, neither is there now, an angel called Lucifer. See my paper "The

Lucifer Hoax" in my "Lake of Fire" series.

God be with you,

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