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Author Topic: Bible  (Read 4046 times)

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« on: November 10, 2006, 09:52:08 AM »

> Ok...I just finished reading your article about Hell:the
> lake of fire...I believe it was part 3. Um...I don't
> understand how you can claim parts of the Bible and refute
> it against the rest. That in itself is unscriptural! You
> must except the whole thing, or none at all. You're logic
> sounded convincing and very deceptive. The Bible talks
> about a literal "lake of fire" yet no where in that article
> did you address that. You take a lot of paper to convince
> people that Dead meant DEAD. So what exactly is the lake of
> fire? Scripture says that the only way to heaven is to know
> God. Well Cain did know God. He talked with him...but he
> was a sinner that needed to be punished in life. I think
> Cain went to heaven. Salvation is not achieved through good
> ; works and is not lost through bad works. It is in the sole
> achievement of knowing God. Salvation is in Christ alone.
> As soon as Adam and Eve sinned, prophecy is stated of the
> coming of Christ. When Christ died, He was the atonement
> for future AND past sins. The sacrifice of lambs were a
> symbol of their hope in the salvation of the lamb of God
> who would come in Jesus. I have glanced over many of your
> articles and believe you are part of the signs of the end
> times which warn us of those who will come and teach false
> doctrine. I admit...your article cause me to think and seek
> out answers in my own heart. I also agree that the King
> James Version of the Bible is not the most accurate ONLY
> because of the lack of vocabulary when it was written. The
> New American Standard was translated straight from the
> greek and hebrew. No where does it deny the existence of a > hell. It does also speak of the lack of fire, with torment,
> and gnashing of teeth. How do you justify that part of
> scripture?
> In Christ Alone,
> Lindsay

Dear Lindsay:

You might consider reading my series on "Hell."  You

will see that ALL SCRIPTURE is true, however, not all

VERSIONS of the Scripture are true. And, actually, they did have

quite enough words when they translated the King James to do it

properly.  Maybe they had TOO MANY, seeing that words like, "hell,"

"everlasting punishment," and "forever AND EVER" are nowhere found in

the Greek manuscripts from which English bibles were translated. But then

again you never studied such things.

God be with you,

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