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Author Topic: WWCOG  (Read 5804 times)

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« on: November 10, 2006, 09:55:35 AM »

    Hi Ray

    I was interested to read some of the comments on your website about the teachings of the WWCOG. I was a member for about 25 years and saw massive amounts of money spent on church luxuries while our family battled to make ends-meet.

    I am currently working on a documentary spanning the financial corruption and manipulation techniques embraced by many churches such as WWCOG and they are going to form a big part of the doco. Would you be interested in participating in the doco  I'd be interested in hearing your view on the method of emotional abuse on members to give more than they were able. I even intend to go to their headquaters and take them head-on would you like to come along? I sure would like the help of someone who knows their bible more than me. I know there was lots of spiritual abuse etc. but I am more interested in the financial abuse at this stage but would be happy to talk about other facts such as the many “sideline womenâ€? Armstrong had etc.

    Do you know what happened to all the money fro the sale of Ambassador College and the Gulfstream jet which were “absolute necessitiesâ€??

    The WWCOG has changed their preaching about tithes to give whatever you are able, shouldnt everyone get a refund for the years of 3 tithes? They were in the wrong after all.




    Dear Trev:

    Yes, I know who got the money and all that, but who cares. Don't waste your time.  I was out of there a long time ago (29 years ago).

    I did my little thing with Mike Wallace and Sixty-Minutes, and that's all I'll ever have to do with them (that is until God's Kingdom is established over them).

    God be with you,


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