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Ray I am trying to finding myself and I would like to be cut to the heart about my sins and how it hurt God and Jesus so I am trying to find myself. You are right about the how I stop studing the Bible and I am still going on studing the Bible by myself but I feel like that if I can't be cut to the heart about it. So if you can help me in any way that would be great.

Thank You for emailing me back.

Your Truly,

Hien Lu

Dear Kien Lu:

I am afraid that I am months behind in answering emails. It just isn't possible for me anymore to spend more than 12 or 14 hours a day just answering emails. And essay type questions particularly are impossible to answer.  You are in God's Hands, and God will lead you to see the sinfullness of your ways, and He is able to bring you to repentence (Rom. 2:4).  Trust God that He will lead you at His pace, not yours. I would certainly encourage you to keep reading the material on our site, as this may well be the means by which He brings you to see yourself and your sins, as He sees you.

God be with you,



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