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Author Topic: I Feel Sorry for You  (Read 3421 times)

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I Feel Sorry for You
« on: November 12, 2006, 10:48:51 AM »

    I hope you will someday realize that you are in need of Christ's saving knowledge. You are obviously an educated man. You also obviously enjoy splitting hairs and playing with words. The scriptures are spiritually discerned. You do a lot of reasoning in your writings. You think we are foolish who preach repent or perish. I wish you were right about there not being a burning hell. I wish you were right that God will save everyone. You are not right. If you had spiritual discernment, you would realize you error. I do not mean to be insulting or offensive. I do not know you. But, I love you and hope that you will come to a saving knowledge of the truths taught in God's holy word. You attack and attempt to discredit every theological truth I have read in the bible. I feel sorry for you. Please reconsider you position on what the word of God teaches before it is to late for you. God is not stupid. He is capable of preserving his word for all generations and He is also able to keep it simple enough to be understood. The bible says what God wants it to say. I mean the bible--- not these modern perversions that change and omit scripture. My prayer is that you will be saved. Jesus died for you and me.
    Anthony from Tennessee

    Dear Anthony:
    Just maybe. I mean JUST MAYBE, your "bible" is one of "those bibles" that have added, omitted, changed, and perverted the manuscripts.  Read my short paper on "Which Translation is Best." I know what you are saying, it's just that you don't know what you are saying. I know what you know, but YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT I KNOW.  But you could, if you would just read the material on oursite. I do not "split hairs" as you suggest. That is a total falsehood. You have proof to make such a statement. You cannot disprove a single statment on my site, so be careful about how you judge me.

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