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« on: November 14, 2006, 10:06:10 PM »

Dear Stephen:
I will make but one COMMENT in your unscriptural, albeit, holier-than-thou email:

    Just a couple of comments.  Id have several hundred if I pulled out my concordance and Greek edition.

    FIRST, I found a comment you made: "For the wages of sin is DEATH" (Rom. 6:23)--"DEATH"--not an eternity of torture in fire!? which appeared to refute that God doesnt imply, stipulate, or even suggest literally or otherwise conclusively that God saves us from famine, injury, poverty but not death, no where, no how, not now, and not ever.

    COMMENT:  That statement reminds me of a Bible Correspondence Course in which I read a test question which went something like this:

    "Which of the following is NOT TRUE:  it is FALSE that God has said that we should NOT do such and such.....?"  I think that I knew the answer, but for a million dollars I couldn't have told what the QUESTION was?  Too many double and triple negatives for me to try and sort out.

    The same is true for your comment on my comment above.  You state:  "...which APPEARS [but not really?] to REFUTE [to prove to be FALSE]  that God DOESN'T [definite negative] IMPLY [to contain potentially] ...that God SAVES [positive affirmative] us from famine, injury, poverty--but NOT[the negative of a preceding group] death...."

    And the rest of your comments are a total crock.



    Are you translating the full body of scripture, every verse, every studious translation, every Hebrew and Greek definition or simply applying your own reason?  And are you doing whatever you are doing with a Kingdom-purpose, or have you been so hurt by scripture that you would prefer to re-translate it than study it in its complete fullness?

   Death?, in Pauls application, refers to hell and nothing but hell?  In the Greek, this death? is defined as eternal, as opposed to physical.  Further, Paul finishes the thought in the balance of the verse:  but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.  The complete verse is clear.  The opposite of eternity in Heaven is eternity in Hell.  I encourage you to offer your subscribers the complete verse, otherwise known as the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

    And if you further suggest there is not Hell, then the opposite of that is also true:  there is no Heaven.

    You end your comment with a rather hasty, insulting, but profitable challenge, Have you NEVER read your Bible?? Show me one Scripture that says God "saves us from hell" and I will send you a paper bag full of money!?  If you are a man of your word, youll ask for my mailing address.  Otherwise, I will consider your comment and your challenge prideful, arrogant, and immature unless you think saves us from Hell and any wording in any verse, for that matter, has to fit the exact wording you believe every translation should contain.  In that event, I would simply think you are foolish.

    SECOND, I read as much of your letter to D. James Kennedy as I could stand before my eyes ached, regarding "What About Those Who Have Never Heard?"  It contained 13,860 words that you either believed Dr. Kennedy would read, that your subscribers would read, or that you simply had to get out of your system.  Structurally, it was impossible to read or understand, replete with suspect theology, and filled with angst, anger, and disrespect.

    Your mission statement includes the sentiment, This site is a ministry of love.  It doesnt appear so.  Further, And our goal is to teach the Truths of God?.  I dont think so.  Finally, as He has given us understanding.  Understanding follows confusion.  Youve got a ways to go.  Better you should offer clarification instead of ill-informed criticism.  Finding fault in the sermons of faithful shepherds in the midst of your own misunderstanding of them and picking at linguistics instead of finding purpose does not serve the Kingdom.  It confuses the Kingdom in the hearts of many.   I wonder what you would do with Spurgeons works.  Surely, he said the wrong thing or used the wrong words somewhere.

    Im glad I visited your site.  I dont need to read anything further.   Im happier that I understand what you are still struggling to learn.   

    Best of blessings,

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