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Author Topic: Gates  (Read 3465 times)

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« on: November 20, 2006, 03:32:40 PM »

Brother Ray

    Could you please clarify this to me. I hear many christians talking about spiritual gates in ones area and that as christians we should pray against such satanic gates. Could you please provide me with some clarity on this sunject.
    One more question. Where I fellowship we are told to pray for Israel because they are God's chosen nation, their prosperity and peace will be our prosperity. My question is should Israel be treated differently from other nations. Don't they need to accept Jesus as their Saviour as all other nations should?
    I really appreciate your assistance and I am one of the regular visitors of your website.
    Kind regards!

    Dear Reader:
    I know nothing of "satanic gates," and I doubt that your Christian friends do either.
    I covered what God things about Jerusalem in my "Lake of Fire" series.  John Hagee is the only minister I know of who teach that the Jews can be saved WITHOUT JESUS as their personal Saviour.  "Me thinks' that John Hagee has another agenda, however.  Israel will be saved ONLY when Sodom and Gamorrah are saved (they are of the same ilk as Sodom, only God says MUCH WORSE, Ezek. 16:48 & 55).
    God be with you,
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