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Author Topic: 3 days  (Read 2076 times)

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3 days
« on: November 29, 2006, 06:09:21 PM »

Dear Ray,
I have been reading your site for 5+ years now and I feel that our Father has brought me to your site. In 2000 I was going to a messianic Church the Seed of Abraham it was first time in years that I went to any Church. In my feeble mind I thought that a messianic Jew would know more than the apostate Church. I was raised in the catholic organization in which they still spoke Latin. So I was never exposed to anything like tithing or controversies of things like the trinity. I have seen things only on TV like the laying on of hands and healings. So when I was going to this messianic Church I saw them do laying on of hands and the members fall like on TV. When it was all done after the service I went and spoke to him don't remember what was said but he laid his hands on me. This might sound silly but I was knocked down I caught myself on my right knee and hand. I saw them do healings but never saw any actually get healed I went&n bsp;there for about two months. When in one of their services some where praying over some one who I believe was dying from aids when some said that they saw the persons Sprit circling around him that's when I said this place is not for me left and never went back. This is when I was praying and asking God is this it I have been seeking you for a long time I know you have a remnant you reviled this to me years ago but I have been wondering in wilderness seeking him. This is the time period when I found your site I believe you are my elder brother in Christ. I know you are a former member of the WWCOG our Father had brought me there in my wilderness walk. I have read many of Armstrong's books in the past, ( 20 25 ) years ago but now our father has taken me out the wilderness to my brothers in Christ. Today I was reading some of your emails on the forum in this email it was about three days three nights and you said ( I will explain this PARABLE of three days and three nigh ts sometime in the future. It will take at least ten pages to do so.). I know what Armstrong
wrote about it I have read his book The resurrection was not on Sunday and that now you believe what Mike has wrote about it. I know that you do not need any help in writing this paper. Below is a link to a site that has lots of the same arguments as Armstrong had but with different information this is not to try to change your mind but maybe to help with your research.
Peace in Christ

Dear Steve:
Neither Armstrong nor the Church understands this parable. They all assume that Jesus said He would "be dead" for three days and three nights, or that He would be "in the tomb" for three days and three nights. He never said any such thing!
God be with you,
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