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Author Topic: Blaming God  (Read 5158 times)

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Blaming God
« on: December 01, 2006, 06:11:19 PM »

Dear Ray,
    I pray that you able to shed some light on the topic Blaming GOD for everything, and whether or not God has the creative ability to create man who can think and act on his (mans) own accord,
    This subject has proven to be a major stumbling block, and I am not seeking to cause trouble, but rather continue growing in truth.
    Brothers in Christ,

Dear Darren:
I don't recall ever using the word "BLAMING" God for anything.  Suggesting that if man does not have "free will," it somehow limis  God's "creative ability," is highly inflamitory.  You might just as well suggest that since nature and providence is filled with such things as floods, hurricanes, tornados, volcanos, forest fires, tsunamis, and earthquakes are proof that God cannot even create this earth without obvious flaws and mistakes.  Maybe that is because God did create it perfect, but that nature also has "free will," and therefore is another uncontrollable renegate in God's creation. What do you think?  The problem is that most people DON'T THINK, and that is why the Truths of God are such enigmas to more of humanity and especially the Church.
I have written about 120 pages on exposing "The Myth of Free Will."  It is found in my "Lake of Fire" series on our home page. Either man does not have a free will and God is Sovereign, OR, man has a free will and God is NOT Sovereign. They cannot both be true, as "Free will of man" and "the Sovereignty of God" are absolute contradictions.  This is not an easy subject for most to comprehend, but with much meditation, study of the Scriptures, and a revelation from God's spirit, it can easily be understood.
God be with you,
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