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Author Topic: Mark 16:16  (Read 5306 times)

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Mark 16:16
« on: December 02, 2006, 10:36:47 AM »

Re: The Lake of Fire part 1
near the end of your paper you quoted first Cor 3:11-15 as follows:

"For other foundation can no man lay than that is laid, which is JESUS CHRIST. Now if any man build upon this foundation gold, silver, precious stones, WOOD, HAY, STUBBLE; Every man?s work shall be made manifest; for the day shall declare it, because it shall be revealed BY FIRE; and the FIRE shall TRY EVERY MAN?S WORK of what sort it is. If any man?s work abide which he hath built thereupon, he shall receive a reward. If any man?s work shall be BURNED, he shall SUFFER LOSS; but [pay close attention to this BIG BUT] BUT HE HIMSELF [the one who had his works burned and consumed in God?s consuming fire] SHALL BE SAVED [What will save him?], yet so AS BY FIRE" (I Cor. 3: 11-15)!!!


If you read the whole chapter starting with verse 1, it should be clear that Paul is talking about other ministers here and not each and every believer.

Paul says that if other ministers build upon the foundation of Christ that he has laid, their work ( or their teaching) will be tried by the fire of God and if their work is burned up, they themselves (the other ministers) will suffer loss (or be cast away). A false teacher will not inherit eternal life with God in Heaven.

It goes on to say that those he has falsely will be saved. Instead of being translated "but he himself" it should have been translated "the others" meaning the people he has falsely taught.

Also in 1st Tim 2:4 it says that it is God's will that all men that all men are saved. Yes it's God's will, but all men will not be saved because all men will not believe the gospel and will not conform to the gospel message of Christ.

Jesus said: "He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned."  Those who do not believe and are not baptized will not be saved and their will be millions in this group.

Those who teach that all men will be saved must have torn this verse out of their Bible.


Dear Ron:

Yes, of course, we know that there are the "many called but few chosen," and the "broad way and the narrow way," and those on the inside and those in outer darkness, etc., etc., etc. But what you fail to understand is that this is not their final and eternal destiny. That is where JUDGMENT comes in, and the lake of fire/second death IS JUDGMENT. It is in judgment that mankind will be saved, not sentenced to an eternity of having their eyes burned out in literal fire. How utterly sick and insane can christian doctrine get?  These verses speak several times of "EVERY man's work," not just the work of the ministry. And as for your statement that "he himself" should be translated "others," I would only ask WHERE you found such unscriptural nonsense?

The word translated "he himself" is from the Greek "autos."  Even a child will recognize this Greek word in our own English language. Auto means "SELF." An AUTOmobile is a mobile that is SELF powered. It is assuredly not powered by "OTHERS" as you suggest this word should be translated.  Am I going too fast for you?

I just checked thirty some versions, and not one has "others" for "he himSELF."

Why do you go to such means to pervert the Word of God?

And as for I Tim. 2:4, when God Almighty "wills" something, IT WILL BE DONE. What does God say to such people as yourself who suggest that even though God Almighty wills something, puny man has a far far superior will that will outwill God's will. Here is what God has to say to such blasphemous nonsense:  "Yes, I have spoken it [as in 'God wills that ALL MEN be saved'], I WILL ALSO BRING IT TO PASS:  I have purposed it, I WILL ALSO DO IT" (Isa. 46:11).

Some foolish traitors to God's Word insist that the word "will" in this verse only means to "desire."  Okay, I can answer that fool as well. So it is God's pleasure and desire to save all men, is it, but you say "all men WILL NOT BE SAVED."  Who ya gonna believe: Ron? or God?  Let's check the Scriptures and see what God says IN THE FIRST PERSON:  "My counsel shall stand, and I WILL DO ALL MY PLEASURE" (Isa. 46:10).  Oops!  Did you catch that, Ron?  Would you like to try and baspheme God and His Word once more?

Now to Mark 16:16--"He that believes and is baptized shall be saved, but he that believes NOT shall be damned [Greek  "katakrino"--condemned]."

And you believe that to be "condemned" is to be tortured in literal fire for all eternity, do you?  Did you know that your own Lord was [katakrino] CONDEMNED? Tis true: "And they all CONDEMNED HIM [Jesus]  to be guilty of death"  (Mark 14:64). Was Jesus sentenced to eternity at hard labor in the pits of hell fire? Jesus HIMSELF said that He would be "condemned" [katakrino], "And they shall CONDEMN him [Me] to death"  (Matt. 20:18).

And so, if there was hope for Jesus Who was condemned, just maybe there is hope for the rest of the CONDEMNED world, seeing that Jesus Christ IS the Saviour of the WHOLE WORLD (I John 2:2; 4:14, etc., etc., etc.). No I haven't thrown out Mark 16:16, but it appears that most the Christendom has.

God be with you,

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