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Author Topic: Afraid  (Read 2153 times)

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« on: December 02, 2006, 12:51:21 PM »

    Hi Ray,

    I appreciate your site because I am asking questions again. Questions are a blessing.

    Because of these questions I recently learned that Christ is the Book of Life and just found that on your site also.

    I learned this also and wanted your thoughts on it.

    These are my thoughts.

    The old covenant was written on tablets of stone. Christ would be like the tablets of stone, but flesh instead of stone and the word or the new covenant became flesh. So Christ is the new covenant not written on tablets of stone, but on a heart of flesh. So if Christ is in us would that make us the Ark of the Covenant? I know it says we are the temple of the Holy Spirit. Wasnā€™t the Ark of the Covenant kept in the temple? God teaches me though parables and I need to learn who Jesus is in this way.

    I've been wrestling and crying and in fear and trembling since I came to your site. Its quite unsettling to suddenly realize you donā€™t know who Jesus is. Iā€™m afraid of blasphemy and Iā€™m walking very carefully. I stopped believing in the Trinity a few years ago, but didnā€™t know what to think so I put it before God and left it there. I find itā€™s better to put it before God than to make something up. I do feel that God the Father was in Jesus in some way. Iā€™m very confused right now. God taught me that there was no free will using the same words that you use. He took me out of the church 15 years ago using the same scripture that you use. Iā€™ve been trying to prove hell wrong for years because I don'€™t want it to be true. I'€™m so glad to be able to go through your teaching on that and study it. My pastor told me that my beliefs would only lead me to despair and those words have haunted me in times like this when my faith is being attacked.

    All of that seems unimportant right now though. I need to know who my Savior is. I'€™m struggling with being afraid to think that Jesus was just created by God the Father. That feels like blasphemy because the old church teachings that I still carry with me.

    I'€™m so afraid right now. Please pray for me.

    Thank you,


    Dear Robin:

    I do not doubt your words, but I am at a loss to understand why you feel you faith is being attacked, and that it may be blasphemy to believe that Jesus came out of His Father?  Just like many mature sons are just like their Father, so too is Jesus LIKE His Father in every way. The are in fact, ONE (John 10:30). They have the same spirit, the same mind, the same love, and Jesus now possesses "ALL POWER in heaven and earth," just like HIs Father does. Jesus is worshy of WORSHIP! Yes, we will pray that God will deliver you from this fear.

    God be with you,


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