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Author Topic: Testimony  (Read 2903 times)

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« on: April 01, 2006, 03:19:59 PM »

i was driving home the other evening and in channel surfing on my radio i came across george of coast to coast, hosting a segment with irvin baxter of  george was taking calls for mr. baxter, from listeners.  i also had at one time many of the questions i heard posed by the listeners who called in, and i received the same wrong teaching responses that i heard mr. baxter give to the innocent people who were looking for the Truth of God's Word.  i finally came to a point in my life where i cried out to God asking Him to show me the Truth of His Word, not being content or satisfied with the pastors, teachers, and (supposed) end-time prophets words of interpretation or teachings from the newest biblical translations of the day.  then one night i went online and googled t.d. jakes' name, as i had read many of his books and listened to his teachings (as well as almost all the other contemporary spokespersons on tbn and the word network stations on television).  in my google search for mr. jakes, several findings for him came up, including one for a website called  there is no question that God's Spirit led me in finding the website.  God knew my cry to Him to know the Truth of His Word was as genuine as is His desire for me to understand in my spirit what was written by His Spirit in the (original) Scriptures.  in my personal on-going reading, and in-depth study of the writings / teachings on the website, i know now that i am not only one of the called of God, but am also one of the chosen of God.  a wonderfully grand honor from a Father to a child, although totally undeserved in my humanness.
if indeed you at coast to coast, and mr. baxter, as well as every other person on this earth, want to truly know God's Heart, and the Amazing Love which is Jesus Christ, Saviour of ALL, please take a moment to visit the website.  i have been a "Christian" for the past 30+ yrs., innocently accepting (for the most part anyway) all that "Christiandom" said was biblical truth.  but God had a better plan in store for me.  now i am a BELIEVER of GOD's Scriptural Truths, which He is revealing to my spirit as i commit to studying the Spiritual teachings of His Scriptures as written and explained in their original content.
take a chance and step outside the box of what today's churched expositors say is truth.


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« Reply #1 on: April 01, 2006, 05:00:11 PM »

Very well said Claudia :)

The Truth is not so hard to see or find, if one truly wants to find it. I say this because, I too searched for many years and although I was told often, that I had found the truth, it never "felt" right.

After much soul searching and prayers to our Father, through his Son, God finally allowed me to truly see.

Although I was knew the many falsehoods were not true, I could have never found Christendom "freedom" without God.

So good to have you with us and thanks so much for your testimony.



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« Reply #2 on: April 03, 2006, 12:46:25 AM »


Welcome and thanks you for sharing that email.

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