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Author Topic: 7000 Not Bowed  (Read 4483 times)

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7000 Not Bowed
« on: December 04, 2006, 09:26:59 AM »

Hi Ray
    Recently you wrote this is a an email response... I wish to God I knew where there were just a hundred such believers and followers of Jesus Christ!
    Do you have any idea how much that sounds like Elijah talking to God about Baal.   He thought he was the only one, yet 7000 had not bowed the knee?
    Me thinks you are way too pessimistic.  Even though I am one who pretty much is in accord with what you teach, we have never met.  And yes, the usual Christian response is to reject these truths, but not all do.  I certainly do not.  My daughter loves it. My wife secretly admires the consummate love and wisdom shown in it, though she still loves her non denomination church more than it, it appears, to this point.  But all in Gods' time. So does a handful of people whom I carefully explained it to.  Yes most have no time or inclination. Of course casual seekers who have never known suffering or the deep things of God have no time for such. Yet some I know seek, aspire, and strive to be in the Kingdom and are thrilled to hear of being Sons of God to bring all creation into the same glorious freedom of the Sons of God. Some have gone and are going through the purifying fires now.  Do you really think the judgement on the house of God is limited to only those just like yourself, who understand just like you only?   As if you understood it all 5 years ago as well as you do now?  Were you not probably one of the chosen even while in the WWCOG? I speak as a fool(to use your and Paul's  phrase)  We are all works in progress.
    This is only a surmise, but I think your time in the WWCOG, even though most instructive and valuable to yourself, has blinded you to the gems and diamonds scattered among the churches of Babylon, those who not only do not embrace the doctrines of eternal torment, but  are truly converted.  They may not articulate as clearly as you can what resides in their hearts, but nevertheless, it is in their hearts.  They receive the truths of God with great joy, like myself. Maybe only 100 as teachers, can articulate as well as you.  My gosh, scattered here and there even in your emails, I see many who receive with much joy.  Those who already have the ground made fertile by the spirit of God, are only missing the correct teaching! Yet others have these truths inside, in the form of transformed hearts that loves God in spite of what they have been taught.  And they bow to Gods' sovereignty just as much as you do, even though they do not understand ever jot and tittle of "free will" as eloquently as you.  You are a teacher, keep teaching. But you are as Elijah, and underestimate the workings of God in others.  God counted them even though they did not have the same understanding as Elijah.
    Just a thought, which I think is correct

Dear Doug:
I will never cease to marvel at how people misquote or misapply what I say and what I do not say. Let's now look at the facts:
[1]  Have you never seen what I too cited the statement regarding Elijah and the 7000 men who had not bowed the knee to Baal?  You will find that in my writings, and in my Bible Studies. This is not some Scripture that I am unfamiliar with. I AM familiar with this Scripture.
[2]  Have I EVER stated that there are NOT at least 700 men today who do not worship false gods?
No, no I havent't.
[3]  Have I EVER stated, taught, or even HINTED that I am the only true teacher of God's Word? No, no I certainly have not, never, ever!
[4]  People from New Zealand, Australia, English, California, Oregon, New York, Florida, Canada, South Africa, and many other points in between have invited me to come and speak or teach or old a Bible Conference their their homes or in their cities. This is impractical for just one or two or three people when in the same amount of time and for far far less money I can reach tens of thousands.''
[5]  There are TENS OF THOUSANDS of church congregations around the world that have 100+ members.  But do I know of ONE such congregation that believes these thruths of God?  No, No I don't. Did I say that there IS NOT SUCH 100+ congregation that know, teaches, and practices these truth of God?  NO, I HAVE NOT!
[6]  You named yourself, wife, and a few acquaintances that are open to these truths--does your group number ONE HUNDRED?  Do YOU, know of a congregation of one hundred anywhere on earth that believes these truths?  Can you name me ONE HUNDRED INDIVIDUALS scattered over the world world that believes these truths?  How many can you honestly give me the names and addresses of?
[7]  Do I know of a congregation of ONE HUNDRED who believe these truths? No.  If my wife and children's LIVES depended on it, could I give you the names and address of at least ONE HUNDRED people anywhere on earth that believe and practices these thruths of God?  No, I could not.
[8]  But did I say that there ARE NOT that many? No I didn't. I said that I wish I KNEW where there were that many.
I STAND on what I said.
God be with you

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